Herbal Spice Blendz by :Lanita-Derese:

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Introducing :Lanita-Derese: with Herbal Spice Blendz

Add our herbal spice for a taste of life! 

Their are many herbs that can be ingested to reap the benefits of a healthy life style. Many people have a day filled with activities and chores that are prioritized by necessity.

Lots of times, meals and break time are compromised to get more work done or travel to another activity. With a lack in dietary importance, many are deficient in vital nutrients and minerals that the body needs to make energy for these daily activities.

Now, you can add our herbal spice to your food and live a healthier life...

Everyday we ingest chemicals and toxins with our food. We all are exposed to life altering chemicals all day long; for example, air freshener spray in the bathroom or fabric softener on our clothing.

These chemicals enter our body and contaminate our blood stream, which is the main cause of dis-ease. 

At school, children encounter toxic chemicals on the surfaces of the desk, in the carpet and in hand soaps. 

However, the adults are using them too. Only they are so busy keeping a schedule that they overlook the harmful toxins creeping into their family's blood stream.

These man-made mixtures are being used to cut cost. The end product is sick people, full of dis-ease and illness, to be carted off to a doctor or laboratory for experimentation.

Their is always more to ever story, so do your own research. Start by reading labels. Use a search engine to find out what each ingredient really is and how it is processed.

If chemicals are used, be aware of dis-ease.

There is a SOLUTION!

Herbal Spice Blendz. Eliminate toxins naturally. Eat fresh organic or home grown fruits and vegetables with every meal.

Plus, add our herbal spice for a taste of life!

 These blends are combined with care.

All ingredients are grown naturally from the earth.

With specific qualities, each blend is created to do a detailed job of either; cleansing, purification or detoxification. In the end, you benefit by boosting your immune system aiding the healing of all ailments and dis-ease, just as mother nature intended.

Herbs, are the solution.


To remove toxins eat fresh organic produce or grow your own, read product labels and do your own research.

You can reduce chemical toxins by adding our herbal spice to your diet!

Benefits are a clean body, more energy, lose fat, gain clarity, boost immune system, less doctor visits, stablize digestion, no illness and remove dis-ease. So, less stress for all!-)


No GMO, No Gluten, No MSG,

No Trans Fats,

No Artificial Sugar,

No Preservatives,

No Chemicals

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This should change what you think about food!
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